CFT brings together business and community leaders active in earthquake relief efforts

This month CFT brought together some of the business and community leaders who have been prominent in the relief efforts after the devastating earthquakes that took place in Turkiye and Syria.

This was a first of its kind event with senior members of The Conservative Party meeting a broad representation from the British-Turkish communities and we are deeply grateful to all our guests, our Party Chairman, our Lords and MPs for attending.  

UK public and government response to the disaster was swift and generous, a true proof of the friendship between the two nations. This generosity manifested itself not only in the brave work carried out by the UK search and rescue teams who rushed to the affected cities or the British people’s aid donations of more than £100 million but also in everyday acts of kindness where British-Turkish communities were inundated with calls of sympathy and condolences from colleagues, friends and neighbours.

The evening featured a special presentation by Turkey Mozaik Foundation, a UK based charity that has emerged as one the leading fundraising organisations involved in supporting the NGOs active in the earthquake zone. As CFT we are proud to be their steadfast friends and we are grateful to all who continue to work selflessly to alleviate the suffering of those affected