Meet Shaun Bailey

I’m Shaun Bailey, and I’m running to be your next Conservative Mayor of London

– Growing up in council housing and experiencing up close the devastation that crime can have on communities, I understand why it’s important to give everyone the opportunity to succeed in life.
My family first came to this country as part of the Windrush Generation. My grandfather fought for Britain in the Second World War and came here to work hard and contribute to this great country.
I understand that when we are given opportunities, when we work hard, and each contribute to shaping our city, that we as Londoners can achieve our full potential.
I want to use the wide powers of City Hall to deliver true leadership and help everyone achieve a genuine stake in society.
I have dedicated my working life to this cause. For two decades, I have worked tirelessly with communities to help improve the life chances of London’s poorest. I was a youth worker in Ladbroke Grove for many years, where I helped disadvantaged young people move away from a life of crime by providing job opportunities.
I also worked with the government to help implement national policy that boosted the life chances of the most vulnerable.
I currently serve on the London Assembly, representing Londoners from across the whole capital and exposing the mayor’s broken promises.
Unfortunately, under Sadiq Khan, many people in the capital feel that our city, our home, has taken a backward step.
Violent crime is spiralling out of control and many feel less safe to walk the streets.
Housebuilding has flatlined, with young people abandoning their hope of ever getting on the housing ladder.
The constant talking down of London on the world stage has shaken confidence at a time when we need someone who will be its champion, both at home and abroad.
London is the most vibrant city in the world. It is the engine of the British economy and the heart of our national government. I want to help all Londoners have a stake in society, regardless of background, so that together we can shape our city’s new global future.
I want to be your Conservative mayoral candidate to give our capital the leadership it deserves. I hope I can count on your support.
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